To Señor Shoemoney and Staff,

Jonna Gomes pic

Jonna Gomes, courtesy of Shoemoney

I had to choose one of my websites to fit this post in, and this is my only site that has some overlap with your blog. That is, on your site I see a lot of hot chicks in Shoemoney t-shirts and they would definitely not be out of place on this site… I even stole one of your girls to spice up this post, sue me if you want to (but be prepared for a counter attack, I see you are now teaching under-aged kids how to spam the web).;)

I actually was about to e-mail you to thank you for the Shoemoney Playbook Course I listened to today, but came across your post about the Affiliate Summit West. So first of all, thank you for your that great course. It felt like you were talking to me personally. Because although I make more money than my friends who work as a consultant or work at a bank, I get to wear my favorite Adidas trousers to work every day and don’t have to listen to some manager douche, I don’t feel I’m getting everything out of Internet Marketing. I’m always full of ideas and tend to work on too many projects at once, with the result that nothing gets really big.

When I started in the Internet Marketing business a little less than two years ago, I dove right into it. Without much knowledge of the web I just started some simple websites and started to buy websites that I felt were priced too low. I still think that in general many websites sell way too cheap and I just can’t handle myself if I see a good bargain!

The result is I have loads of websites now, which takes up a huge amount of time to handle. Not a bad thing per se, because I really like to work and don’t mind to make long days. I do think I could spend my time better by focusing on bigger projects and create outstanding products and services instead of working on websites that earn well, but lack potential to skyrocket. I tried to launch two bigger projects in the last two years but failed with both. To have more success with the big projects I feel I need more knowledge in different fields. And what better way there is to learn from the best internet marketer in the craziest city in the world?

That’s why I’d like to get picked. As to why you should pick me, I am not going to come up with a sad story or get on my knees (hmmm that sounded bad). I can say what I think sets me apart from the other candidates and that’s I am not a family man, not in IM for 10+ years and not glued to my desk chair (zzzzingg!). Just a young ambitious guy from Amsterdam, Holland… willing to learn and rock it in Vegas.



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