Ainsley Earhardt Delivers The News Beautifully

Ainsley Earhardt is a correspondent for the Fox News Channel, where she provides live news at night Monday through Wednesday. Also, Earhardt reports for FOX’s Hannity’s America on Sunday nights and was a temporary co-host of Fox and Friends.  So why are we talking about her, well because she does all of this in a sexy mini skirt.  Not only does she wear them, she explains that at Fox News women wear skirts because they’re, well, women. She then says that they could wear pants but the male show hosts explain they like the skirts.  Check out this video of Ainsley Earhardt delivering the news in a sexy little skirt…Keep it up Fox (and Ainsley)!

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Comments to “Ainsley Earhardt Delivers The News Beautifully”

  1. PaulH says:

    I couldn’t agree more and really don’t know what the fuss is about. Judging by the ratings, the viewers clearly like it and contrary to what the feminists would have us believe the female anchors at FNC don’t seem terribly oppressed to me. Indeed the tone of that “we don’t wear the pants” conversation involving Ainsley Earhardt and Gretchen Carlson implied that the Fox News ladies have no problem with the no pants dress code whatsover. And why does it necessarily follow that the FNC women are are dumn bimbos, just because they look good? Isn’t that sexist nonsense in itself? So I say that FNC should remain a pants free zone for the ladies, the viewers should go on enjoying it and hatchet faced feminists who want to spoil the fun can all go to hell.

  2. Rupert says:

    As long as they wear underwear I don’t see what the issue could be.

  3. Hobbs Bodine says:

    Right On, Paul.
    Rupert, I don’t see an issue with them NOT wearing underwear.

  4. Emm_Kuo says:

    Kimberly Guilfoyle and Ainsley Earhardt of Fox News with Dr. Dendy Engelman all in Emm Kuo at the Nicole Miller…

  5. tvAllure says:

    Ainsley Earhardt Lands at Fox News –

  6. tvAllure says:

    URI mAN hITTING oN aINSLEY Earhardt – fOX nEWS – gOOD Looking Fox News Anchor –

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